September 24, 2021

Harmonium Lesson 6

Play Bollywood songs with Thaat based songs:

  1. About Thaat Asavari

Note:- With our thaat/desi scale system anyone can play a song in a keyboard or in a harmonium within days.

Add Komal Dhaivat to Kafi thaat and you get Asavari Thaat.  Asavari is not a raga but ragni and is full of tyag, the mood of renunciation and sacrifice as well as pathos. It is best suited for late morning. However, important evening/night ragas like Darbari and Adana also use notes of asavari thaat with different styles, stress points and ornamentation. It is to mention that in a thaat there are fixed seven notes ascending and seven notes descending.

Following ragas are derived from Thaat Asavari:

  1. Jaunpuri
  2. Desi
  3. Asavari
  4. Adana
  5. Darbari Kanhada

Playing Songs With Thaat Asavari

Arohi: S R g m P d n S’ (ascending notes)
Amrohi: S’ n d P m g R S (descending notes)

Thaat Asavari is  C Minor Scale in Western Starting from  first white key.

Western Notes of Thaat Asavari: C D Eb F G Ab Bb

Showing C minor scale in all five octaves in different colors

Play songs according to above sargam diagram of Thaat Asavari in middle saptak of keyboard or harmonium.

  1. Tu pyar ka sagar hai, Taal Kehrva: Asthayee: RgRS RS ‘nS, Antra: S’S’ nP2
  2. Tumhara Chahne wala khuda ki dunya mein, Taal Dadra, Asthayee, gR ‘nSS gRS Antra: Pmg mPdn
  3. Be reham asmaa meri manzil bata, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee, ‘n ‘d ‘n SS ‘n SR, Antra: PmPS’ ndndp
  4. Yoon kho gayee tere pyar me hum, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: S PPP d n d PP, Antra: S’ R’ S’ nnS’R’ S’S’S’
  5. Meri yaad men tum na, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: SS RR m m PPP, Antra: PP nnn S’S’S’
  6. Tere pyar ki tamna ghame zindgi ke saye, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: S g P mg mg RS, Antra: PP dR S’g’ R’
  7. Tum zid to ker rehe ho, Taal Dadra, Asthayee: R g R S n’d’n’ RS, Antra: SS ‘n gs n’ d’
  8. Jadoon holi jae lenda mera naa, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: mmPPPdndndP, Antra: R’ S’ S’ S’ S’S’ S’S’
  9. Sawan aya tum nehi aie, Taal Kehrva: Asthayee: g R S g RS ‘n’d ‘d’nRS, Antra: PS’
  10. Oh dunya ke rakhwale, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: ‘n ‘d ‘n SSSRS ‘n SRg, Antra: PdP mgmPndP
  11. Jab bhi chahen ik nai soorat, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: SRgRS ‘nSgRR, Antra: PPP d P mm
  12. Apno ne gham die to mujhe yaad, Taal Dadra, Asthayee: S g P PP dn dPm, Antra: Pn S’ S’ dPd S’S’S’
  13. Tu jo nehi hai to kuch bhi nehi hai, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: S ‘n SR SRRR, Antra: S ‘n ‘P ‘n RSS
  14. Aitabar nahi karna, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: PPd Pmg ndP, Antra
  15. Ham chale to hamare sang sang nazare chale, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee, SRgP dndP, Antra: mPdn Pm Rn’ R
  16. Anokha ladla khelene ko maange chaand, Teen Taal, Antra: R S ‘nS RSRgg, Antra: gRgg
  17. We lageeyn di laj rakh ley kadhi bhul na jaween, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee: PPd PdPm,
  18. Yeh ejaaz hai husan e awargi ka, Taal Dadra, Asthayee, ‘nSSS ‘nRS ‘nd, Antra: mmPP
  19. Sun le oh Jane wafa Tu hai dunya , Taal Kehrva , Asthayee: S’ n S’ ndP mg Pm, Antra: ddd dd Pdnn dP

2. About Thaat Kafi

Kafi thaat makes use of the Komal Gandhar and Komal Nishad. So basically it adds Komal Gandhar to the Khamaj Thaat. Raga Kafi is one of the oldest ragas and its intervals are described as basic scale of the Natyashastra. Thus in ancient and medieval times, Kafi was considered as natural scale. Kafi is a late evening raga and said to convey the mood of springtime.

Following ragas are derived from Thaat Kafi:

  1. Raga Kafi
  2. Bhimpalasi
  3. Piloo
  4. Shivranjani
  5. Bageshri

Arohi: S – R – g – m – P – D – n – S’ (ascending notes)
Amrohi:  S’ – n – D – P – m – g – R – S (descending notes)

Thaat Kafi is  C Dorian Scale in Western starting from first white key.

Western Notes: Thaat Kafi: C D Eb F G A Bb

Showing C Dorian scale in all five octaves of keyboard in different colors

Film Songs Of Thaat Kafi With Asthayee, Antra and Taal

  1. Ghame dil ko in aankhon se, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee, ‘n’P SSS SS ‘n SR , Antra, mP ‘S’S’S ‘n SS
  2. Dil men ho tum ankhon me tum , Bappi , Taal Kehrava, Asthayee, SRRgRS, Antra, gmPmgPmm
  3. Daag e dil ham ko yaad ayne lage Log apne, Taal Dadra, Asthayee, ‘P’n S SR S ‘n, Antra: gmPmg Pmm
  4. Tumhara pyar chahaee mujhe, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: PP m g mP S’ Pm , Antra, n’n’n’n’n’n’n’n’
  5. Pyar bhere do sharmeele nain, Taal Kehrva, Asthayee, SR Pmg , Antra: PPPm Pmg
  6. Rim jhim rim jhim pere phawar, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee, S, PPm PDnD, Antra: S’S’ nDD
  7. Jalte hain arman mera dil roota hai, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: ‘nRRRgm gRS, Antra, P S’S’S’ R’S’ nnn
  8. Sun wanjli di mithri taan way, Taaal Kehrava, Asthayee, Sn’ S PPP mg mgR, Antra: S’ nD nS’
  9. Lat uljhi suljha ja re baalam, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: SSg RS ‘n’D madh saptak, Antra: mDDnD mDDnD
  10. Hamari sansoo me aaj tak woh hina kis kshboo, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: ‘P’P SSS RS ‘n mSRS
  11. Yeh raat yea chandni, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: PmgmP mgmP, Antra: S’ nP S’S’
  12. Tere bheege badan ki kshboo se, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: SSgSS ‘n’n RSS, Antra: g mPPP nDP
  13. Ae dunya kia tujh se kehoon – Mehdi Hassan, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: Pmgg , Antra: S’S’S’ R’nDP
  14. Sab kuch luta ke hosh me, Taal Dadra, Asthayee: SRS ‘n’n SRP gR, Antra: gmmPPP
  15. Ik situm aur meri jaan abhi jaan baqi hai, Taal Kehrava, Asthayee: SSgmPP mgR, Antra: g R S ‘n’n S
  16. Sawan aye sawan jaye, Taal, Kehrava: Asthayee: gRSR mg,: madh-mandr, Antra: PPPm Pmg
  17. Dil ke jhoroke mein, Taal Dadra, Asthayee: SS SSSS SS SS RgP SS, Antra: ‘S’S’S’S’S’S’ ‘R’R